Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

7 Oct

Just to make sure this blog is never seen to be in the know or in anyway on-trend I have been waiting since last year to leave the comforts of West London and head north to Soho House’s Dirty Burger in Kentish Town.

Ohhh look at that cheese

In a little hipster shack tucked behind Pizza East the magic happens.

The menu consists of three things: a cheeseburger, fries and onion fries. If even this level of choice is starting to make you feel nervous, let me fix that for you. Get everything.

Dirty Burger Kentish Town

The burgers are squirted with American mustard on the grill before being flipped over, smothered in cheese and then covered with a cloche to steam it on. And I don’t know if it’s that little touch that makes them so good but wow. So good in fact I even ate the gherkins. And then ordered another one.

The second burger of greed

The second burger of greed

The bun didn’t fall apart at all, though the patty unsurprisingly slipped around a lot in all the cheese, mustard and lettuce. The beef was great, and had a nice crunch to the outside while still being pink in the middle, though not scarily so. As someone who can safely claim not to be mustard’s biggest fan I was worried that it would be a bit peppery for me, but though you can definitely taste it, it just adds even more flavour to each mouthful.

Dirty Burger Kentish Town

Let’s talk sides. The fries were SO good, crinkle cut and perfectly salted. The portion was also huge which always gets a thumbs up. The onion fries are basically straight rings, with three fat strips of onion held together by a crisp, light batter. I loved them.

Dirty Burger Kentish Town

While it’s certainly a bit messy Dirty Burger isn’t dirty in the way speed-eating a Big Mac is.

FYI if someone offers to take a photo of you taking a bite of something, don’t trust them, they’re lying.

4 Responses to “Dirty Burger, Kentish Town”

  1. Rocco October 8, 2013 at 2:55 pm #

    Miss Duggers, forgive me for being off-topic. I came here from Bogpaper, after seeing you were a “blogger who liked” my piece on drunk tanks. If you’d left a comment, I’d have replied to you, so it’s only right I say thank you to you here. I greatly appreciate any support I receive. So, thank you Miss Duggers.



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