Pizza East Portobello

8 Nov

With the sun now setting at 2pm or whatever I seem to be hungry and tired all the time. It’s possible I’m getting ready to hibernate. And part of that involves stocking up for a hard winter, which means massive lunches. I’m too dead to get home and cook a big meal after work and also eating is cheating when there’s Co Op Cava to drink, so I’m getting my stodge kicks where I can even if that means mainlining two packets of McCoys at midday.

Yesterday I decided about an hour after getting into the office that I was HUNGRY. And that meant making my boyfriend do an hour commute to buy me lunch at Pizza East on Portobello Road. And before you report me to the RSPCA it isn’t like he didn’t want to:

Pizza Portobello

I’ve been there once before and it’s lovely. A bit cramped, but the food is good, the staff are nice and it’s not completely ruinous. It’s yet another Soho House offshoot, like Dirty Burger, and they tend to know what they’re doing.

I am a simple soul, and by that I mean I don’t like a lot of shit on pizzas. So I had a margarita with red onions (I like some shit on pizzas) and the Chap had the pancetta, cream, egg and Parmesan pizza. I ordered a ‘butter lettuce, avocado and vinaigrette’ salad, which, to you and me, is lettuce, avacado and some dressing you can’t taste, as a side and also, as Whatshisface was so hungry, some garlic bread. I asked for that to come with the food though, I don’t know why. But I did. Walk a mile in my shoes and then judge me.

My pizza was amazing. Not too greasy, not too tomato-y, and with absolutely wonderful mozzarella.

Pizza Portobello

Even as a confirmed egg hater I thought the Chap’s looked fantastic.

Pizza Portobello

I did my usual thing during meals of constantly asking how his food is, which I’m pretty sure is in no way annoying, and it got consistent facial thumbs ups, merged in with (totally loving, obvs) STFUs.

As rubbish as I made the salad sound you basically need this in your life RIGHT NOW. I don’t actually know what butter lettuce is but um, hello, keep up Waitrose.

Pizza Portobello

My pizza was so nice I even ate the crusts, which, as all normal people know, are just pizza handles. This meant I was too full to try any of the garlic bread even though it looked like something I would probably try and sleep in.

Pizza Portobello

I assumed the green was pesto or something but apparently not. It’s just green, probably herbs. Apparently it seemed like there was lemon juice in there but the man was so hungry he could DIE so you’ll have to ask about that one.

So, essentially what I’m saying is: the meal was lovely. Go. I mean, look at all that was left. Animals.

Pizza Portobello

Pizza East
310 Portobello Road
W10 5TA
020 8969 4500
I didn’t realise we could book so at lunch time there was a bit of a wait.


One Response to “Pizza East Portobello”

  1. victoriaranne November 8, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

    Really didn,t fancy any of that! You must be burning up the calories somewhere…nothing to beat a good appetite!  V x



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