Cold-Killing Chicken Soup

3 Apr

HELLO. Remember how I was boring you all banging on about colds the other day even though it is April and making a spicy lamb stew to stave off the sneezes? GUESS WHAT? I’m doing it again.

Cold Killing Chicken Soup

I am telling you now, this doesn’t look pretty. It should, but I’m a crappy photographer and I also knocked this up late at night with no light. While I’m not doing much for it in the looks department, it tastes great and is vvvvvvv good for you.

Chillies are fantastic when you’re feeling a bit shit – there’s a great programme on 4od called Spice Trip, and the first episode is an hour of chilli learnin’. Give it a watch, it’s fascinating. Garlic has also been used for centuries to aid healing and is a fab boost for your immune system. The hot broth can help if you’re feeling bunged up, and soothe your throat.

Also, if you’re not ill it’s just a really tasty, quick supper and you can use left over roast chicken if you’ve got some lying around.

Like a stew, this is great because you can just throw in whatever you like. I used:

  • A rotisserie chicken (because I couldn’t be bothered to make my own that evening)
  • 500ml bought chicken stock (as above)
  • Also half a chicken stock cube (just in case)
  • Four spring onions
  • Two whole red chillies, seeds included
  • Five medium cloves of garlic (SERIOUSLY)
  •  A chunk of  fresh ginger, peeled
  • Fish sauce (it was in the cupboard, may as well)

Chop the spring onions into rounds and finely chop the ginger, chillies and garlic. I know five cloves seems like a hell of a lot, but you cook them off slowly to begin with so it isn’t overpowering. If you’re a proper wuss just use two.


In a tasteless oil very gently fry everything in a large saucepan for five to ten minutes until everything is nice and tender. This takes the sting out of the garlic and softens the heat of the chillies so biting into either of them doesn’t leave you in tears.

Looks pretty, smells great

Looks pretty, smells great

Pull the chicken off the bones and throw it in the pot and after it add the stock, some hot water, a dash of fish sauce if you have it, and anything else you want. Slowly bring the whole thing to the boil and if you want a bit of stodge to go with it chuck in some noodles and leave to cook as per the packet instructions.

Serve along side old episodes of the West Wing and alcoholic ginger beer.

Cold Killing Chicken Soup





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