Nigella’s Vanilla Mousse

13 Feb

Vanilla Mousse

Oh GOD it’s just so grey ALL THE TIME. I wouldn’t be surprised if this sort of weather is what makes people turn to crime. Day after day after day of windraingreycoldmorerain just slowly grinds people down into just doing something to liven it up a bit. Though I suppose somewhere like Colombia is pretty sunny and it’s not like they’re all leaving the doors unlocked. (Or maybe they are and that’s part of the problem.)

Then again everyone’s always being gruesomely murdered – perhaps that’s the fiery Latin temperament boiling over in all that sun and heat. All we’re really good at in all this dreary blurgh-weather is shoplifting from Primark and benefit fraud. And having colds.

Basically, what I’m saying is that I’m utterly sick of this weather and want to get butchered by someone with a tan. I’m not asking for much, am I?

Anyway, this is a sort of sunshiny, spring time pudding from Nigellissima that I’m hoping acts as some sort of reverse rain dance. And if it doesn’t tempt the sun out, never mind. It’s got cream in it so there’s always that.


  • Two egg whites
  • 300ml double cream
  • One vanilla pod
  • 100g caster sugar
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Chopped pistachio nuts

The mousse contains raw egg, which used to really freak me out until one day I just stopped caring. It’ll be fine if you use free range eggs. If you’ve got some sort of ridiculous problem with buying free range or can’t think of anything to do with the yolks (don’t bin them for crying out loud) then you can buy cartons of pasteurised egg whites.

Whisk the egg whites until they form soft peaks and shove to one side. In another big bowl whisk up the cream, the sugar, and the seeds from the vanilla pod.

You get these out by slicing the pod lengthways and then scraping them out with a knife. They’re sticky and it’s a pain in the bum, but the smell and taste is wonderful and you’ll get lots of satisfying little black spots of expensiveness in your mousse and you can tell people they’re spiders’ eggs.

You want the cream nice and thick but not rock solid. Very gently fold in the egg whites – you want to keep as much air in the mix as possible.

Chop up your berries and squidge them into the bottom of a glass or whatever your serving them in, dollop your mousse on top and stick in the fridge for half an hour.

Sprinkle over the chopped pistachios (I blitzed mine in a funny little food processor attachment thing I have) and serve.


5 Responses to “Nigella’s Vanilla Mousse”

  1. LFFL February 13, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    Don’t you just loathe gray weather! I need sun.

    • Sarah Duggers February 13, 2014 at 10:46 am #

      I’m going slowly mad. I think if I don’t book a holiday away I might just drown myself in a puddle.

      • LFFL February 13, 2014 at 10:48 am #


  2. AwesomeAudrey February 13, 2014 at 11:29 am #

    When are you inviting us over for some of this? Or bringing it to ours?

    • Sarah Duggers February 13, 2014 at 11:31 am #

      As soon as we have a place it’s DONE. But also um, whenever if your amazing ribs are on offer. xx


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