Gold Fever Cocktails

17 Jun

Gold Fever Cocktails

Thanks to the bike ruining this photo (totally the only thing wrong with it)

These cocktails are just the actual best thing ever. We got through an awful lot of them on Saturday afternoon, enjoying the sunshine. (The sunshine coming into our living room while we watched Netflix. Never say we don’t make the most of things.)

Appletiser very kindly sent me all the ingredients and a recipe card, and I’ve kindly thanked them with a video of my face. I’m just the gift that keeps on giving.

Gold Fever cocktails are seriously simple and utterly, utterly delicious. They’re crisp, boozy and refreshing and I’m going to need to stock up on rum for the summer.

You need:

  • A large jug
  • A 750ml bottle of Appletiser
  • Bacardi Gold Rum
  • A tablespoon of brown sugar
  • Half a 25g packet of mint, or a nice, generous handful
  • Two limes
  • An apple
  • A good thumb of ginger
  • Ice

The recipe actually calls for golden caster sugar, but I used the normal white stuff. Next time I think I’ll use a brown sugar if I can’t get my hands on any caster. It isn’t something I tend to have in the cupboard so I’m assuming you don’t either. 

Peel and core your apple, and cut into thin slices. Slice one of the limes nice and thin too, and peel and finely slice the ginger. Muddle the sugar and the mint together in the jug- the smell is just amazing.

Gold Fever Cocktails

Add your fruit and ginger, and squeeze in the juice of the second lime.

Gold Fever Cocktails

Pour in 250ml of rum (or, like me, just tip it in until it looks about right), throw in a couple of handfuls of ice, and top up with Appletiser. If you’re feeling super swish add a few halved strawberries into the jug just before you serve it.


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