Chilli Vodka

9 Apr

20140406-035212 pm.jpg

It’s a Wednesday, so what better time for a vodka recipe? One of my favourite cocktails is the chilli and passion fruit martini from High Road House in Chiswick. But I’m not made of money, despite what I seem to think every time I use the ASOS app, so I wanted to see if I could make something similar at home. And yes, I could.

First off you want to knock together some chilli vodka. Which is now possibly the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. You need a large bottle of the stuff (just because why would you use a small one?), two red chillies, a jug, and, um, nothing else.

20140406-035745 pm.jpg

Pour the vodka into the jug, chop the chillies into big chunks, seeds and all, add them in and give it a stir. Done. All you have to do now is leave it for 24 hours, stirring it now and then. Pour it back into the bottle, straining out the chillies and seeds, and if you’re feeling decorative, pop a chilli in there. None of mine would fit down the neck.

20140406-035954 pm.jpg

Now simply mix this with cold passion fruit juice and DOWN IT. Remembering to drink responsibly.

20140406-040238 pm.jpg



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