New Year Pancakes

5 Jan

American Pancakes

Happy (belated) New Year everyone!

I couldn’t really think of a suitable HELLO-2014-WOOOOOOOO! post to put up but then this morning I made American pancakes and realised that they are basically a super, super simple life skill and if you can’t yet make them, this is totally the first thing you should learn to cook to make 2014 better than all the years you couldn’t make them.

You need:

  • About 130g of plain flour
  • A couple of pinches of salt
  • Around two tablespoons of sugar
  • A slightly heaped teaspoon of baking powder
  • 130ml-ish of milk – skimmed, semi, full, doesn’t matter
  • An egg
  • Enough melted butter for two tables spoons in the batter and then to grease the pan

Stick all the dry ingredients into a bowl, in a separate bowl whisk the egg, then add the milk, mix together and then, with a fork, blend this into your flour etc and add the butter, which you have obviously left to cool so you don’t scramble your egg, and keep mixing until you have a nice, smooth batter. TADAA! You’re done.

Heat a frying pan on a medium heat and use a little bit of butter to grease it. Once it’s hot, pour in a large spoonfull or two of your batter. Once it starts to bubble up flip it with a spatula and give it a minute or two.

American Pancakes

I tend to put the oven on very low and keep a plate in there to pile up the pancakes on to make a stack before I serve them, otherwise you just end up running to and from the table like a SKIVVY.

American Pancakes

If you’re one of those weird but annoyingly prevalent people who think that meat goes with sweet stuff you can always fry up some streaky bacon before you start your pancakes, then when it’s done pour the mix over a rasher and cook normally. I say you CAN but DON’T. Because it is simply WRONG.


American Pancakes

3 Responses to “New Year Pancakes”

  1. Marcheline January 6, 2014 at 1:01 pm #

    Egads, the burgers!!! I’ve also been looking for a program to stitch together photos like you did with the syrup pouring thing there… what did you use?

    • Sarah Duggers January 6, 2014 at 2:06 pm #

      OH GOD the burgers. They just kill me. I could pack away a good two or three of those right now I reckon. Burger Me! is basically porn for me.
      I use PhotoShop to make GIFs but there must be other programmes you can make them on. I know from a quick Google that there are some websites you can use but I don’t know if those give you the GIF file at the end… Sorry I can’t be more help! xx


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