The Wrong Knickers

21 Jul

The Wrong Knickers
The Wrong Knickers

by Bryony Gordon

That’s a very big header – because I can’t work out the formatting of my own blog. Good, huh?

So. I have followed Bryony Gordon on Twitter for years, I am pretty sure since a year into Twitter, whenI realise I wanted to follow news people, and pretend to the outside world I was intelligent. At some point, Christ  knows why, she followed me back, and I remember feeling hugely important.

Bryony has written a wonderful book, The Wrong Knickers, a memoir of her twenties, and I think everyone should read it. It’s an amazingly honest book, about self esteem, relationships, money worries, and growing up. I got through the whole thing in a day because I just couldn’t put it down.

On Thursday I was invited to Hidden Prologues at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in Bloomsbury to hear Bryony discuss her book, talk about another book that had inspired her (Bridget Jones, obviously) and answer questions about The Wrong Knickers.

It was a brilliant evening, and really interesting to hear how the book had come about, talk about life in your twenties, and drink lots of free wine.

“I am, by now, a twenty-seven-year-old woman whose father still pays her mobile phone bill.”

The book covers visits by bailiffs, a payday loan, shitty flats and worse landlords, nasty boyfriends and some downright losers, and that feeling that everyone is getting it right except you. In parts it’s terribly sad, but it’s always hilarious. My favourite thing Byrony said on Thursday is that there’s so much pressure on young women, and that she wished she’d spent more time focusing on the things she HAD achieved, rather than the things she hadn’t.

There’s quite a lot of sex in The Wrong Knickers, and I think I’d be fair in saying that it’s with a lot of crappy men. Bryony wants to be the girl who tells shits to fuck off, walks away from bad relationships and if someone doesn’t text back for two weeks, just leave it. But she isn’t – she’s like most of us, too polite, too convinced maybe it’ll all work out. And it’s so refreshing to realise that IT ISN’T JUST ME. I wanted to hug her when she said “It’s okay to want a boyfriend and not betray the sisterhood.”

Bryony said her husband saved her – she’s now married with a baby daughter – and that he hadn’t read the book, which I think is understandable. It was brilliant to talk to this funny, clever woman who has everything together and know that while I don’t, she didn’t at my age either.

By the end of the book you realise that you know what? You’re fine. These are your twenties, and you are NOT the only person in the world who doesn’t have their life completely sorted. Sometimes you have to slog through a load of shit, but just try and enjoy it and don’t be so hard on yourself. And whatever happens, don’t spend £150 to try and impress a man who will end up giving you nits.


Here’s a great little video of Bryony from the night, sharing five life lessons she learnt from her twenties:

Hidden Prologues is back again soon




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