The Gambia

11 Mar

Hellllllo! I’m currently in The Gambia. It turns out that it’s quite sunny.

20140311-040321 pm.jpg

It’s our second day and it’s absolutely beautiful here. Our hotel is mainly fat, racist Germans (one of whom is staying in her room the whole time because she “doesn’t like the black men” as she told the Chap at breakfast this morning) and Dutch people. Who may or may not be racist, they haven’t let us know yet.

20140311-040633 pm.jpg

I don’t know why I’m making that face as the beer is 40p a bottle and that’s ridiculous (!) hotel prices. I’ve also just bought 20 fags for a quid. Winnnn.

The airport here has a big neon sign saying WELCOME TO THE GAMBIA. THE GAMBIA HAS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR CHILD SEX EXPLOITATION which was nice, and two men were pulled out of the queue before the passport checks to make sure they weren’t gay by a man with a badge proclaiming him to be the medical official. Which proves it literally pays to have a gaydar.

Our malaria medication has finally kicked in proper and both of us were awake half the night and when we did sleep we had the most mental, vidid dreams. In one of mine David Cameron and I bought a dog and went on a work trip to the pub. Later I was attacked by spiders. The Chap and Michael Howard were trimming the felt lining of some hanging baskets with hair clippers while Mrs Howard oversaw.

The wi-fi is patchy at best (uploading pictures seems to be a big NO) but more tomorrow. Once I’ve finished listening to the Archers while getting burnt by the pool. It’s fantastic to know that Kenton did a roaring trade while the water was off. Entrepreneurial.



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