Half-Arsed Watermelon Jellies

10 Mar

As you read this I will be on a plane making my way to The Gambia to get malaria and third degree sunburn, so you’ll understand why this is so half-arsed as the title suggests. Even if I did write it last week…

Watermelon Jellies

I saw these years and years ago and wanted to give them a go and post about on my old food blog, Duggering Around (there’s a good pun in there). Obviously I never bothered to get round to it and then this blog managed to become all about food so it seemed time for them to finally see the light of day. Only I’m not having a party or anything so last Sunday they just became

a slightly sad thing to eat, standing up in the kitchen while considering whether or not I’m actually going to join the gym.

You need:

  • Watermelon or any red jelly – mine were raspberry because yum
  • A whole mess of limes
  • A lot of spare time on your hands

Halve the limes and scrape out all the fruit in the middle. I cannot tell you what a pain this is. I took to juicing them, snipping all the segments out with scissors and then pulling everything out with my fingers under the cold tap. It’s messy. And limey. And you end up with a massive cup of juice you have no idea what to do with (except make blueberry compote).

Watermelon Jellies

Make your jelly as per the packet instructions. I used to make Rowntree’s jelly ALL THE TIME when I was little. It was the routine when I went to my dad’s every other weekend and was allowed to consume all the sugar and McDonalds in the world so I would love him more. It worked. But then I made it a couple of years ago, since Rowntree’s became Hartley’s, it just wouldn’t set. So this time I was prepared:

Watermelon Jellies

You need to keep the limes upright while the jelly sets, so rest them in a deep-ish dish with rice or flour or something in the bottom to keep them steady. I found a packet of soya mince (wtf?) that went off in 2012 in the cupboard so used that. Fill them right up to the top.

Watermelon Jellies

Once the jelly is cool put them in the fridge overnight to set properly. I didn’t need to put another picture in here but I just think they’re really pretty.

Watermelon Jellies

For the next step you need a REALLY sharp knife. Cut your limes in half to create the watermelon slices. There’s a knack to it I didn’t have at first.

Watermelon Jellies

The knack is probably not being a little bitch about it and just going for it. I had asked the Chap to bring home some poppy seeds but he forgot just like he forgot to get a mobile so I can remind him of thee things. If you have poppy seeds dot them over the slices like tiny watermelon pips.

Watermelon Jellies

Nom nom nom. Or not, really. At the end these have a nasty taste of lime pith. That’s probably my fault for not doing… Well, something. I would say these would be HUGELY improved by using half a pint of vodka rather than cold water when you make your jelly. Now that would be nice. Just be careful when you eat them not to suck at the lime rinds. Or read this and do it properly. I’m not joining the gym.


2 Responses to “Half-Arsed Watermelon Jellies”

  1. Helen March 12, 2014 at 8:48 am #

    I am astounded that you didn’t think booze was a good idea in the first place. I mean…well you know.

    • Sarah Duggers March 12, 2014 at 9:52 am #

      I know?! It’s like I don’t know who I am any more. Though I only had Jim Bean.


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