Evans & Peel

2 Mar

Evans & Peel

It was mine and the Chap’s first anniversary on the 24th, but due to it being the week before payday and also a Monday we saved the proper celebrations for Friday and just ate some salad and went to bed at 10.30pm instead.

We headed to Honky Tonk for dinner, but beforehand we needed some help solving the case of why we were still sober. In our household no good celebration is a dry one.

We rang the bell of the slightly run down detective agency, Evans & Peel to see if  they could help. Once we’d confirmed our appointment we were buzzed in and headed down to reception.

Anything audience participation-y is really not our sort of thing, but while we managed to make it both excruciating and awkward, getting into the bar was quite fun in its own way. Once you’re in the lobby area you have to give the very gorgeous girl behind a desk a case to work on before you’re taken to your table. Whatever you do don’t ruin the magic like the Chap did and say you want a drink or you’ll get a stern telling off. It’s a speakeasy for God’s sake. You think everyone just went around shouting about Fat Sam’s Grand Slam?

First up I went for the Fido’s Swizzle: aged rum, ginger syrup, pineapple juice and rose lemonade. Oh. My. God. It was SO good. And strong. I like my drinks like I like my men: alcoholic.

Evans & Peel

The Chap had a Hemingway’s Breakfast (which I couldn’t be bothered to take a photo of because my drink was too good to stop hoovering it up). I had a sip and it was beautiful. As it should be, being white rum infused with grapefruit marmalade and unsalted butter(?!?!?!?!) stirred into maraschino liqueur.

Round two. I went for a Yorkshire Caipirinha – rhubarb and ginger syrup, cachaca and chardonnay vinegar. The waitress warned me that this was very vinegary, and it freaked some people out. I thought it was lovely. It was less fish-and-chips vinegar and more a sort of pickle vinegar aftertaste.

Evans & Peel

The Chap’s next drink was a Wobbly Journalist. Apt. Gin infused with Seville marmalade, vermouth, more vermouth, lemon juice and wormwood liqueur. If you’re not a big drinking, well… You should be.  I’m judging you.

Evans & PeelBy this point I was getting pretty merry so it seemed like a good idea to grab a tiny bit of food. So obviously we ordered sliders. Yeah I know it was just before dinner. I’m not ashamed. And I ordered another Fido’s Swizzle.

The sliders were some sort of pulled beef, brioche, something else and a coffee barbecue sauce. They were really nice, but a little dry. I got a bit of the barbecue sauce on the last bite but that was about it. The meat was incredibly tender though, so the dryness of the rest of it was a shame.

Evans & PeelEvans & Peel

While I was half way through my last drink the Chap got a Go Figure, which SURPRISE!, had fig in it, infused into an Evans & Peel spiced rum blend, lime juice and oak smoked maple syrup. It came with a caramelised fig on a stick. We ate it.

Evans & Peel

If you’re looking for a really lovely place to drink with a twist, definitely give E&P a go. The decor is beautiful, the staff are super lovely and the drinks. Man, the drinks…

Evans & Peel

Evans & Peel
310c Earls Court Road



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