Shoe Wine

20 Sep

The Telegraph recently launched their brilliant new section, Telegraph Men. Have a poke around, it’s great fun. They also ran a competition called Instant Expert where people could show off their Man Skills for the chance to win Man Prizes (mini iPads, Tele subscriptions, other bloke stuff, and most importantly: GIN). I entered because I thought it would be nice to share me shrieking on a YouTube video with the world. And then I won, because Man Skills. Which is absolutely amazing, so a huge thank you to the Telegraph.*

The Chap and I went to Paris for his birthday in July and met up with a couple of friends of his in République. The weather was absolutely amazing so we popped to the supermarket and stocked up on bread, cheese, pâté and, naturally, wine, to have a picnic by the canal.

Unfortunately once we’d finished our delectable white screw-top we realised the red had a cork and a trip back to the shops proved that none of them had a corkscrew. I mean, WTF Paris? Are you kidding me? Paris. Come on. So the Man Skills came out:

Unfortunately I don’t think this works with Oyster Bay and a ballet pump.

*My favourite bit about all of this is that the Telegraph shared this on their YouTube channel and the comments are absolutely priceless. I think the best one is: “I am sure to use it next time I am drinking fine wine out in the street with some classy ladies.” You’re very welcome.



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