Duggers Does Dubrovnik: The Troubadour

4 Jun
Troubadour Dubrovnik
The Chap and I got back from Dubrovnik on Saturday afternoon and we seem to still be in holiday mode. Unable to wear coats or wake up before 4pm we’re dragging ourselves around in a daze which makes us think we can drink absinth cocktails until midnight on a Monday or eat six helpings at each meal. It’s a hard come down, man.

While we were there there was one place we absolutely had to go and that was the Troubadour. A few months ago we ended our first date in the original Troubador in Chelsea. It’s a funny little bar that does wonderful cocktails and, it turns out, excellent chips. We had a lovely evening, I think, but can’t be 100% sure as like I said, cocktails. I assume it all went well as he hasn’t dumped me yet.

Have an unnecessary photo of my friend's dog Alfie eyeing up a cocktail in the London Troubadour. You're welcome.

Have an unnecessary photo of my friend’s dog Alfie eyeing up a cocktail in the London Troubadour. You’re welcome.

We’d found the Dubrovnik Troub earlier in the day, but that evening we got thoroughly [drunk and then] lost in the Old Town, which was great as it’s such a gorgeous place to be. There was live music at lots of the bars and the weather was perfect. We got all gross and loved up walking around, like being in a film. But then I reallyreallyreallyreally wanted another fucking mojito so we stuck the ruinous 3G on and mapped our way there.

Outside was the most fantastic jazz band, flirting with the ladeeeez. Here he is, singing to me. There I am, giggling. Smooth as always, Duggers. Smooth as always.

We ended up never actually going inside the bar. The evening was so warm and sitting outside listening to the music and drinking one of the nicest mojitos I’ve ever had it seemed a shame to decamp indoors. The outside seating is tucked into the corner just off a beautiful square (below) and there are lots of other people around, though it doesn’t feel busy at all.


Time Out made the Troubadour sound incredibly expensive, but it really wasn’t that bad. The drinks were about as much as they’d cost in London and were absolutely fantastic. Do be aware that they don’t take cards (this may just be outside) as you’ll only get lost trying to find the cash point and avoid Japanese photographers walking into you.
Troubadour Dubrovnik

Croatia <3 big straws

The Troubadour
Bunićeva poljana 2
+385 20 323 476



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