Spain: Cartagena

21 May

IT IS RAINING. WTF holiday?! WTF SPAIN?! Thankfully it will be really lovely on Thursday. The day I go home.

Yesterday we headed to Cartagena, which was nice apart from the freezing wind. Also the Policía Local there are hoooootttttt. Muy, muy caliente. I nearly committed some minor acts of criminal damage. Or a traffic violation. Or whatever they’re for.

Anyway, we wandered around trying to avoid the giant black cloud that seems to have followed me from England.

Up a little street was a completely random escalator. Seriously, just in the street.
20130521-115143 AM.jpg
At the top was a funny little Italian style garden overlooking the town.
20130521-115451 AM.jpg
There were two children’s play areas up there, some poo that looked big enough to have come from a donkey (or, shudder, a person. Omgomgomg it was so people poo, wasn’t it?!) and a random tower. There was nothing in the tower. It just had two locked glass doors. Spain is weird, man.
20130521-115505 AM.jpg
The views up there were wonderful, though they seem to be conducting building work on every building ever. The amount of construction going on in Cartagena is astounding. None of it is finished though, remember where we are.
20130521-115608 AM.jpg
This cloud kills me. Wherever we went we managed to be directly under it.
20130521-115514 AM.jpg
20130521-115523 AM.jpg
Spain packs up at half past one for a siesta. All the shops shut until about half past five and until then there’s pretty much sod all to do. We had some lunch which included the ubiquitous tuna salad. The thing is the same WHEREVER you go. It’s scary how completely, totally identical they are everywhere.

Here is a sad parrot:
20130521-121020 PM.jpg
Here is a sad sailor:
20130521-115545 AM.jpg
Here is a funny ship in the sea:
20130521-115556 AM.jpg
I do love being near water. There’s something so peaceful about it. Even when it includes a massive orange navy frigate.

20130521-115617 AM.jpg

It was so people poo…


One Response to “Spain: Cartagena”

  1. Vicki Fathers May 22, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    Escalator prob due to strategic use of EU grant !


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