Honky Tonk Chelsea

3 May
Honky TonkIn a few weeks I am going on my FIRST EVER proper holiday. The Chap and I are hopping off to Morocco for a week and while I am tremendously excited I am also not that keen to sit in a bikini by the pool. So that means I am on my FIRST EVER proper diet.

I mean, it’s a really stupid diet, it’s some sort of shonky home-made version of Atkins where I’m just avoiding all carbs. Apart from wine. But it has worked. The first week I gave up booze too and lost half a stone. At the end of week two (booze filled) I have lost, um, still half a stone. But WHATEVER. I’ve lost half a stone, yeah?

I thought I was going to find it much harder, but since the cracking headache that plagued me for the first two days disappeared, it hasn’t been so bad. And it sort of feels like I can eat whatever I like. Apart from ALL THE NICE FOOD as that’s all carbs. So in the spirit of filling up on meat and pretending I hate chips we went to Honky Tonk in Chelsea on Tuesday.

And Christ was it good. We had to take about three breaks from eating because even though we were vomiting-full we couldn’t stop.

T.C. was the hangrest man alive when we got there, and this wasn’t helped by being dumped in the restaurant behind the bar and then forgotten about until I went and found someone to ask to order. But that was very, very, very quickly forgiven. The cocktail list is fantastic, and judging by the utter stupor I fell into when we got in we sampled quite a few of them.

First up we had an Old Fashioned and a Dutch Clover Leaf. I am all for Pepto Bismol coloured drinks, there really should be more of them, but this was a bit eggy for me. But tasted wonderfully like Slimfast milkshake.

Honky Tonk

To start I went for the barbecue chicken wings, which I’m drooling about now, and him indoors had the Quesadilla. The wings were amazing, sticky and just argh I was absolutely covered in sauce. Apparently the Quesadilla was lovely, which is why the only photo I have of it, it’s half eaten.

Oh iPhone photos. You make things look so appetising.

Oh iPhone photos. You make things look so appetising.

Mains. Oh the mains. We both went for ribs, him beef, me pork. I have never seen so much meat in one place. Craig’s beef was so tender it fell off the bone when he picked it up to eat. My pork was much the same and there was just a tonne of it. I had to offload some of it onto the his plate. I’ve never tasted ribs so good. I think these might have spoiled them for me anywhere else. They both came with an apple slaw, which I, obvs, didn’t eat so can’t comment on.

My pork ribs

My pork ribs and the Chap’s giant beef in the background

More cocktails were purchased. I think one of us at some point had a Herbal Julip, and maybe a Mai Tai, but the one I can really, really remember is the Buffalo Smash. Buffalo Trace Bourbon, lemon juice and mint. AMAZING. I think I had two. Or three. It came in a fancy glass too, which pretty much swings it for me. Weirdly, after all of that, a bottle of Prosecco and a G&T afterwards we were both hangover free the next day.
*joke about buffalo and being smashed'

<joke about buffalo and being smashed>

So basically, go. Go to Honky Tonk. Now. You will thank me later. The staff were lovely, the food was amazing and you know you just really love drinking, like, more than anything.

Honky Tonk
6 Hollywood Road
SW10 9HY
020 7351 1588

We (he) booked, and it did get very busy, so it might be worth making sure you can get a table


5 Responses to “Honky Tonk Chelsea”

  1. Vicki Fathers May 3, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    Sounds really good! I agree with you about the carb free diets..I found the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and it is so much less painful than any other I have tried..

    • Sarah Duggers May 3, 2013 at 6:34 pm #

      I’ve weirdly found this quite easy. I am drinking wine right now so that might be why.

      • Vicki Fathers May 4, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

        Lots of carbs in alcohol but well done .Enjoy Morocco.Glad you have a friend to go with :-) ,Be careful out there!

  2. mattdupuy May 4, 2013 at 11:54 am #

    Where in Morrocco are you going? The first holiday me and Heather had together was to Marrakech. It was absolutely, brilliantly mental and we both loved it. It’s like suddenly being teleported into the middle of a good-natured Arabic shouting competition judged by stray dogs and feral children in an Escher drawing, while people ride mopeds and motorbikes through the auditorium, all catered with the world’s greatest olives. Obviously, you may not be doing that if you’re going to be spending the whole time lounging by the pool, but I am sure it will be great whatever.

    Also, since Morrocco is mostly a dry country, being all Muslim and everything, when we eventually found somewhere to get a drink, the beer I had may well have been the greatest beer I’ve ever tasted. It was called Casablanca and I would go as far as to suggest that it was brewed from the elixir of youth and liquid sunshine by angels. I am not alcoholic and can go for long periods without drinking if I want or need to. But not being able to drink because you can’t, or you’re not allowed, makes having a drink the most important thing in the world. Nothing else will do.

    I may have to recommend this restaurant to H. Being American she likes an American-themed place if it’s done well. And this looks good.

    And don’t worry about the bikini. The last time I saw you, you looked great. Knock ’em dead.


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