Babyliss Big Hair

18 Apr



I have really, really crap hair. Like, just urgh. It’s really frizzy and not properly curly and I have a big kink right in the front of it so even if I just give up and let it dry naturally it just looks full on mad. I HAVE to blow dry the front, which is just a pain. And even then it just doesn’t WORK because the rest of it is so rubbish.

I would love to be able to show you how crap it is, but in all my Facebook photos I seem to have managed to have tamed it slightly/straightend it like billy-oh.

Oh, also, because I don’t get it cut regularly enough so the ends are all yuck, it DYES ITSELF GINGER in sunshine. Why you do this to me hair?
(I like the fact that you can see full Shar Pei forehead in this photo. The other day my boyfriend told me I even frown in my sleep.)


On a completely random note, this is my friend Charlotte’s hair. How maddeningly excellent is it? Thankfully it has obscured her face which kind of balances out the great hair. Zing.


Anyway, my life has been totally changed by the Babyliss Big Hair. I’ve had mine for about a year now and it is my most prized possession. If I had to chose between it and… I dunno… my mother, she would just be a tiny speck in the distance as I ran off clutching my Big Hair, cackling manically. I honestly don’t think I have ever not used this since getting it. I even took it to Spain with me in 40ºc heat.

I’ve never been able to blow dry my hair properly, with a brush and stretchy arms like hairdressers do, because it’s just too difficult for me to comprehend and whenever I try I give up after literally 15 seconds. And now I NEVER have to learn how. The Big Hair is basically a barrel brush with a hairdrier inside it. It has two buttons that make it spin one way or another while it smooths and dries you hair. I always assume it is going to take ages but it’s about 15 – 20 minutes tops. You need to rough dry your hair a bit first, or just leave it until it’s not completely sopping (I tend to put some hair oil or heat protector on at this point), and then section it off. I’m also incapable of doing this so just whip most of it up in a grip and randomly pull bits out, working my way up my head. There is a chance your hair can get a bit tangled in the brush and you have to do an emergency whrrrrrr! back the other way, but once you’ve got the hang of it it very rarely happens. Life skill, yo.

It’s so good that even when I got soaked the other night my head hedge didn’t even go too mental. Just pretty mental.

Basically, there is no reason for you not to get this if you have annoying hair. NONE. I am now a hair fan and have discovered that a gigantic, smooth barnet is just the best. I am pretty sure it even cures hangovers.


One Response to “Babyliss Big Hair”

  1. mattdupuy April 18, 2013 at 10:40 pm #

    I’m fairly certain that you wrote a hungover blog the other week that fairly comprehensively proved that it does no such thing. Or maybe you didn’t and I just presumed.

    Good hair, though.


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