Television: Coppers

21 Feb

Reality TV is my new addiction. I’ve never been the type to watch things like Wife Swap or My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, but I am now a total slave to Channel Four’s Coppers.

To cut myself a break I did only watch the first one because I fancied the editor, and you know, it’s 2012. Girl’s gotta research. Half way through the second episode I text him to let him know what a dedicated viewer I was. Turns out he only edited the first one. Whoops, I thought. But… I am half way through so I may as well finish the episode.

And now I’m addicted. It’s a filthy habit I can’t break. Every Monday evening at nine I find myself tuning in and desperately tweeting about drunken people committing crimes. It’s a sad state of affairs. My family and friends are despairing, but who am I, what would I be, without Nottingham’s police force singing KRS-One at me each week?

Doing what it says on the tin, Coppers follows members of police from across Britain, giving us a glimpse into the crappy, awful stuff the muggles make them deal with every day. The first series was aired at the end of 2010, and managed to swing a Bafta nomination the next year.

Each episode of series two follows a different branch of the bizzies, from the CID to the dog unit. It can be harrowing viewing; the first episode showed the hunt for a convicted paedophile after his attempt to rape a young boy. But there’s also a lot of humour (especially if dildo-waving is your kind of thing), from the black to the incredibly childish.

While Coppers mainly leaves me with a big, fiery ball of hate for most of the human race it’s so nice to finally see something that’s celebrating the people we make deal with the crappier bits of life to keep us safe. These men and women are sometimes literally putting their lives on the line for the rest of us, and it’s high time that we gave them a big pat on the back for it. In a perfect world we’d all be nice enough to each other not to need them, but we do, so let’s give them the credit they deserve.

The last episode of series two will be on at 9.00pm on Channel Four on the 27th of February.

You can catch up on the last few episodes of Coppers over on 4od.

The Coppers Drinking Game

Gather all your friends around the television and prepare for alcohol poisoning
With thanks to Rianda, Agnes and Michelle

Any mention of paying taxes to pay their wages Do a shot

Tracksuit bottoms tucked into socks Do a shot

“No comment” Do a shot

Mention of ‘pigs’ Do a shot

Someone oinking at the police Down your drink

Policeman with a moustache Do a shot

Dog poo on the floor of someone’s house Do a shot

“I ain’t done NUFFIN!” Do a shot

Drunk girls in skimpy outfits in winter Do a shot

“TASER, TASER, TASER!” Down your drink

Pictures © Channel Four Pictures

4 Responses to “Television: Coppers”

  1. Ian Denyer February 22, 2012 at 5:13 pm #

    Fantastic. If we’d had these simple to follow rules to hand when we were living up there making it, it would have made the overnight shift a lot more bearable.

    Ian Denyer (Ep 7)

  2. mattdupuy February 23, 2012 at 8:40 am #

    Me and The Heather have long been fans of what my friend Zak memorably described as ‘Scum on the Run’ shows. We got into them through the endless marathons of ‘World’s Wildest Police Chases’ and ‘Cops’ that appear on the cheap repeats channels in the middle of the range of New York cable packages. There is something particularly satisfying about sitting comfortably in your cosy flat while slightly intoxicated, and hooting at idiots being arrested for doing stupid or dangerous things while drunker than you are.

    Since getting back to the UK, we have transferred our SotR affections to various law enforcement shows from ‘Border Patrol’ to the massively sarcastic ‘Road Wars’, with ‘Police Interceptors’ being a particular favourite.

    ‘Coppers’ is something else, though. While the hooting factor is just as strong, (it is a constant comfort that most criminals in this country are really just hapless morons), I actually find the interview section can be somewhat disturbing. Some of the officers have a rather robust perspective on the nature of their job that makes you wonder exactly what powers the police would end up with if they got the levels these people would like. Absolute power and all that.

    • Sarah Duggers February 23, 2012 at 8:48 am #

      I don’t think that’s very fair, I imagine if you had to deal with the people they do you’d begin to feel the same way too. The system is flawed and I think that must make their jobs incredibly tough and frustrating which must, at times, make it feel all a bit pointless.
      We all complain about the people we have to deal with at work, especially when they’re the general public, and that’s all they’re doing.
      I’d have snapped and tasered most of the people in it a long time ago.


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