Book Club: Frost on my Moustache

4 Jun

Frost on my Moustache

The Arctic Exploits of a Lord and a Loafer

by Tim Moore

“My idea of tackling one of the world’s most appalling maritime challenges is being able to stand up on a lilo.”

This sat on my mother’s bookshelf for years.  When I was about 15 I picked it up and tried to give it a go. I gave up.  For the life of me I have no idea why.  A year later it had made its way to the top of my favourite books list.

In 1856 Lord Dufferin set sail to Iceland and the Arctic Circle, chronicling his adventure, this later became a bestselling travelogue. Why wouldn’t an ex-Teletext employee from Chiswick try and recreate his journey a century and a half later?

There are battles with Dramamine-induced hallucinations, love affairs with Icelandic sea captains, hair-raising moments with Nordic students at and least one hideous account of alcohol abuse and cabin sharing.

Frost on my Moustache is a fantastically funny account of Moore’s journey, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.  As he puts it himself: ‘Dufferin seems the personification of Kipling’s “If”.  I’m more of a “But…” man myself.’

I have never laughed so hard as I have when reading Tim Moore’s work (especially Spanish Steps).  The Observer quote on the cover of this is: ‘Made me laugh out loud helplessly in public, like an escaped psychopath.”  I couldn’t put it better myself.



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